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BCM01 Fundamentals of HVAC & Building Controls – Classroom

24th October 2023
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sontay Offices, Edenbridge

Tony Tanswell

BCM01 Fundamentals of HVAC & Building Controls – Classroom


At the end of this course, delegates will understand:

  • The physical fundamentals associated with buildings usage.
  • The most important requirements of the building enclosure and building services installation.
  • The principles of HVAC, and the psychometric chart.
  • The functional principles of the most important HVAC systems and their main components.
  • The fundamentals of measurement and controls.
  • The purpose and basic variations of hydraulic circuits.
  • The basic refrigeration cycle.

Course Content

  • Introduction to building technology.
  • Physical principles.
  • Introduction:
    • to ventilation and air conditioning.
    • ¬†measuring and control technology.
    • Introduction to fundamental hydraulic circuits.
  • Refrigeration technology.
  • End of course assessment

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