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In 2019, we have added to our comprehensive range of classroom based courses by launching a new e-learning platform. You can now learn at your own pace, in your own time and in the comfort of your home or office. There are three new e-learning courses: Understanding BeMS the basics, Understanding BeMS cooling and Understanding BeMS Heating.

These 45-minute courses will give you an overview of all elements relating to the BMS. Using periodic quizzes & audio narration, this course keeps the participant engaged throughout the training. There are online assessments after each section and the participant is expected to score at 80% or above to pass. Once you have passed the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Understanding BeMS Basics – Level 1 – with this course you will discover four main elements:

  • Fundamentals which includes building characteristics, building loads and simple control theory.
  • Controllers which covers inputs and outputs, hardware and the build-up of the application.
  • Energy Controls: from front end supervisor to time schedules with explanation of optimisation & weather compensation.
  • Building Energy Management System Architecture including communication protocols, basic networks and IoT.

Understanding BeMS COOLING – Level 1 – with this course you will discover four main elements:

  • Chilled Water Generation looks at Refrigerant Law, Cooling Plant, the Compression Chiller, the Absorption Chiller,
    Heat Pumps and Variable Refrigeration Flow systems.
  • Chilled Water Distribution, explores different cooling circuits, the relationship between the Chiller and the Cooling
    Towers, Dry Air Cooling and Direct Expansion Cooling.
  • Energy Controls looking at Chilled Water Reset both entering and leaving the chiller and chiller sequencing.
  • Terminal Units, covers Chilled Beams both active and passive along with Split Air Conditioning Units.

Understanding BeMS HEATING – Level 1 – with this course you will discover four main elements:

  • Hot Water Generation covers heating plant, conventional and condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar power, biomass
    boilers and combined heat and power.
  • Hot Water Distribution around your building for heating and hot water services.
  • Energy Controls, looking at weather compensation, boiler sequencing, flow limiting, boost, frost protection and
    system alarms.
  • Heating System Devices, covers different types of valves, pumps and their ability to save energy, sensor positioning

Understanding BeMS Air Conditioning Course – with this course you will discover four main elements:

  • The principles of Air Handling Units covers the construction and types of units along with the benefits of heat recovery and humidification control.
  • Air Distribution explores fire and smoke control, night purging, displacement air conditioning and natural ventilation.
  • Energy Controls looks at outside air compensation, low limit control, maintaining air quality on demand, free cooling and sensors.
  • Terminal Units includes fan coils, variable air volume boxes and basic fan coil controllers.

Please follow the link to our e-leaning platform where you will be able to see our catalogue of courses, register, login, purchase the courses through our partner’s payment gateway, Optimised Learning.

Ready to start learning? This way to our e-learning portal