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All new BCIA courses for 2018

The Sontay Academy is delighted to announce that it will be offering the new and improved Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) courses from January 2018.

The BCIA has created a more interactive learning journey with these courses and ensured that they are available to everyone within the building controls industry. When attendees successfully complete BCM01-BCM03, they will be awarded with a Technical Certificate and an Advanced Technical Certificate when they pass BCM04-BCM06.

In its position as a BCIA training partner, Sontay will be running these courses, taught by a BCIA trainer with the new course material provided by the association.

Delegates receive full documentation for each course, including a print-out of all slides and our unique course publications.

BCIA members are entitled to a discount for each training course.

View the full schedule below:


Oct 02
Oct 07
Oct 16
Nov 04
Nov 06
Nov 11
Dec 02
Dec 04
Dec 09


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